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Bridwell Automotive Center was founded in 1970 by Bill Bridwell. We just recently celebrated our 40th Anniversary. We operate to this day as a family ran business. Lane Bridwell is our General Manager and has been with the company for all 40 years of our existence. Terry Bridwell is our "Full Serve," yes you heard that right, Manager. We still actually give you full serve gasoline. Our founders Bill and Delora Bridwell still work for a few hours most mornings helping wherever they are needed.


Best of The Valley - 2004-2010
Best Car Repair Shops in Metro Phoenix 2002-2010
BBB A+ Rating
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Bridwell Automotive Center has been in business for 40 years.
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I started using Bridwell Automotive Center 13 years ago when I broke down one day and AAA took me there. Now I can confidently say that they are like family. They always pass above and beyond my expectations. Bridwell Automotive Center is definitely the best at what they do. The fact that they have been in business for 35 years shows their consistent quality service. I recommend them constantly to people and will continue doing so. If you want complete honesty, good workmanship, and a family-like atmosphere, use Bridwell. I was worried about finding a mechanic that I could trust and that wouldn't take advantage of me, but I could leave my keys with them and turn my back, and I know that I don't have to worry at all.
Lynn G. - Mesa
Bridwell Automotive Center serviced a vehicle that I had for 3 or so years, and I found them to be very straight forward. I was able to watch them do the work, and they were able to answer all my questions and make recommendations. They always did a good job. Mostly they did major work on my car, but they also serviced it as well. If you are female and apprehensive about mechanics, this is a good one to go to. They are very upfront and can be trusted.
Jenny E. - Scottsdale
I guess I have used Bridwell Automotive Center forever, about 20 years. They are reliable, friendly and knowledgeable. The only thing is that sometimes they let me know I have a problem in advance, before it really needs to be taken care of. I never feel pressured to fix it right there, but I don't necessarily need the up-sell. They do have great customer service, and the quality is really good. When they fix something, they always do it well. I have always been pleased with their service. Just be upfront and ask about whether the repair can wait or if it needs to be done immediately and they will let you know.
Heather T. - Scottsdale
Bridwell Automotive Center  -  7171 E. Lincoln Dr.  -  Scottsdale , AZ 85253  -  602-910-3994